15 March 2006

Why is it that every time I think I'm going to get some time to catch up I end up getting some disease or other? I have three whole cases this week but a bunch of stuff I planned to catch up on.

Saturday I woke up with my nose totally clogged and some sort of massive respiratory infection. Most of the day was spent in bed. Sunday I dragged myself into work but basically just sat there in misery not getting anything productive done and eventually went home and back to bed. Monday I got up and went to juvenile domestic court for the ten minutes it took the prosecutor to dismiss. I thought about going back home but pushed my luck and went down to the regional jail for a quick visit. By the time I got there I wasn't feeling so hot, but I stayed because the meeting should only take 10 minutes. By the time the meeting ended I was sweating like a stuck pig and the drive home was an adventure. I take a file in with me and set my alarm to wake me at 3:45. I wake up just long enough to call one of my client's mother and let her know what is happening in his case; as soon as that's over I crash until my dogs get desperate enough to wake me for a walk (sometime after midnight) and then sleep thru to the next day. I stayed home Tuesday although by that time I'd slept so much that I just spent most of the day staring at the TV. Of course, I had a couple calls from clients and their family members via cell phone so I wasn't entirely off the clock. Today I'm back at the office. Of course, now all the stuff I had planned to do Monday and Tuesday to catch me up has piled up and I'm behind. Just wonderful.

Germs and viruses must have some sort of radar which lets them know when I'm going to vacation or have a light week. It's either that or some weird psychosomatic stress thing. Either way, I now know that I can never retire. If I get ill when I have a light week I can just imagine what would happen the day after I retired: "Um, Mr. Lammers, I'm Doctor Eagrman. They just flew me in from New York because I specialize in unusual diseases. Do you have any idea how you came down with a form of plague which has only been found in Zambia and hasn't been seen since 1436?" "Sure Doc. You see, I retired yesterday . . ."

Anyway, that's the reason posting has been light lately. Hopefully I'll get something up later today or tomorrow which actually pertains to criminal law.

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