09 March 2006

This is a Commonwealth . . .

I'm explaining to Client's dad the plea agreement reached in court yesterday:
Me: "The three felonies got reduced to two misdemeanors, but he got 12 months on one misdemeanor and 11 on the other. Because it's misdemeanor time he'll only serve half of that and he'll be out in about 11 1/2 months."

"If we hadn't agreed to the plea deal they could have easily convicted him on the first felony charge (third offense petit larceny elevated to a felony) and, because of his NY robbery conviction and 11 prior petit larcenies, he would have - at the very least - gotten a year and six months felony time and served 85%."

Dad: "I told him not to come down here to Virginia or Connecticut. This place is a Commonwealth and you don't wanna be in no Commonwealth. This place is even worse than Connecticut . . ."
EUREKA! I now know what we should put on the signs which tell people they're entering the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Welcome to Virginia
This Place is Even Worse than Connecticut

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