28 March 2006

Martyrdom Thy Name is Moussaoui

Moussaoui testified yesterday that he and Reid and others were to take part in a follow-up plane hijacking / attack. The only problem? There's a good probability that he's lying:
But Moussaoui's testimony, which is seriously doubted by intelligence officials, was contradicted by the words of the captured Sept. 11 mastermind, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, who said in the transcript from an interrogation read aloud in court that Moussaoui was too "problematic" and unreliable to join the 19 hijackers on their suicide missions.
IMO, this guy is trying to make himself into a martyr and would say anything to get himself killed by the US government because he wants the attention and become a "hero" for his cause. If he'd thought it would get him sentenced to death he would have testified that he and the Easter Bunny were going to hijack Santa's sleigh and dive it into the Lincoln Memorial.


Tom McKenna said...

Well his attorneys will be practicing that spin in front of their mirrors at home from now until closing argument. Some, however, might view his statements as a frank admission to his involvement in trying to kill Americans.

TWM said...

Eh, if he wants to die so badly for his cause I say let him.

Anonymous said...

Too bad this testimony has nothing to do with the prosecution's theory of the death penalty case. Their death penalty theory is that his failure to turn in the september 11 conspiracy constituted aiding it, thereby making him responsible for it.

Anonymous said...

If he wants to die so bad, I say DONT let him! This guy wants to be a martyr so bad, the best thing would be NO death penalty! He would be so pissed!