26 March 2006

Around the Web

1) Read the comments on this post to see how police hunches are often justified by contradictory indicators.

2) Tom has discovered that pretty women get less punishment than others. Naw, really?

3) Blonde Justice reveals that she's from a Northern State. How do I know? Because, only in a Yankee State could you get 5 days community service for murder.

4) Have 11 people arrested because they went to the courtroom they were told to instead of your courtroom - even after you were told it wasn't their fault - and you'll probably end up in front of your State's judicial review committee.

5) What not to report if you want British police to respond.

6) Leon in application is just plain embarrassing. Even if a "no knock" search warrant is blatantly invalid it's okay because a friendly magistrate signed off on it.

7) The TSA attorney mentioned here has had her subpoena from the defense quashed. Now she's unavailable. Which hearsay exception will the defense assert?

8) Shocked! Shocked, I am! The 4th Circuit has overturned a downward departure from the theoretically non-mandatory federal sentencing guidelines. Here's a clue folks, you can say they're constitutional all you want because they're not mandatory, but if you force trial judges to follow them they're mandatory.

9) A prediction of how sentencing will go in Abramoff's trial.

10) California's instruction for jury note taking.

11) DUI blood experts caught with a script telling them exactly how to testify (no matter what the pesky actual facts might be).

12) Police issuing "snitch-tickets", lying to people about putting a bad mark on their driving records if they don't turn somebody in for running a red light.

13) The feds get a judge removed because he prefers to investigate the government rather than proceed with the case.

14) Need to send a card to that special someone in prison?

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Blonde Justice said...

Maybe it's a red herring. Or, should we say, "blonde herring."