21 January 2008

Basketball: My Schools are Doing Great

My Undergrad
16-1 (16 straight wins)
Ranked 20th in Nation (last week - awaiting this week's rankings)
This Friday:

Your Centre College Colonels (#20 D3) host the Millsaps Majors (#23 D3)
These teams are tied for the lead in the SCAC. It should be a good game and it's a D3 gym so there ain't a bad seat in the house. If you're in Kentucky there aren't any better college teams to watch. 8 p.m. Danville, Kentucky.

That's right, Bryan Station is ranked #1 in Kentucky after it stomped Scott County. Lex Cath got beat by Mason County, which was beat by Scott County last week. You do the math.

I know it's not crimlaw folks, but I grew up in Kentucky and suddenly my College and my High School are much more fun to watch than that State school down the road.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link -- the forum could use another Centre fan if you're interested. :)


Anonymous said...

Centre is No. 14 and Millsaps 18 this week. The poll will be updated this evening.