12 January 2008

The Tech of CrimLaw

Okay, I've added some new twists. Over the right two columns is a shared feed of various blogs and news agencies which have caught my eye. Now, when a post catches my eye I can put it straight out there. Previously, I'd note the post so I could include it in a "Best of the Blawgs" list or reply to it. I'd say about 20% of those actually made it on CrimLaw because I wouldn't get to them in a timely manner or I'd lose the post. Now, I can put them right up for all of you to go check out.

I've got a Twitter account running and invite you all to join. My posts are sporadic, but a lot of them are about basic court life. For those of you who don't know, Twitter is a way that people publish short messages to each other using cell phones, wireless devices (eg the new iPod), or computer. Most of the time it is about things going on at the moment in a person's life. It's addictive for some reason.

I've started doing more of my personal stuff online at my Facebook page and if you ask I will put you on it. I use the Myspace page more as a place to post funny videos I run across and to store pics, but you're welcome to ask to be added there as well.

The video: I've had some ask if they can embed the CLTV video. Yes. I have no problem with that. After the video has finished there is an icon of a page with a turned corner - this is what you click on to get the embed code. It will be much larger than what I have on CrimLaw or CLTV (smaller size fits better and hides flaws). If you post it you will probably want to change the size. I change the dimensions to width=280 / height=256.

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