18 January 2008

Like sands through an hourglass, so are the Days of Harris County's Lives

Mark gets me hooked on the ongoing soap opera in Harris County, Texas.1 So, naturally, when I read about the prosecutor and the Justice I turned to Mark's blawg for the 411.

And there's Nothing.

Daggumit. Now I have to keep checking my rss reader to see if/when he comments. I may not be able to sleep tonight for all the anticipation.

1 Snarky comment about Texas as a province (referring back to Mark's comment on my 5th post) deleted 'cuz I don't want Texans flooding my email pointing out how big and important their State is. About the only thing I've run into which makes Texans madder than implying their State is small and unimportant is to ask them why Texas copied Puerto Rico's flag. Of course, we here at CrimLaw would never have the bad taste to actually ask that question.


Mark Bennett said...

You mean this? Other than that, I got nothin'.

Anonymous said...

"why Texas copied Puerto Rico's flag."