17 January 2008

CLTV 08: Best of the CrimLaw Web 04

The five which caught my eye this week.

Weird angle - next week I'll try to shoot straight on.


Mark Bennett said...

Woohoo! Simple Justice is number one! Can you give Scott a banner to post on his page?

Ken Lammers said...

Been working on that a little, but everything I come up with looks hokey.

BTW: Nobody's #1. I get a bunch of different posts under different tabs and weed thru them to get to 8-10. Then I try to find a semi-rational reason to get it down to 5. Why 5? Because that seems to allow me to keep CLTV short enough that people will watch it.

Anyway, after winnowing it down to 5 I just go thru them in the order of their tabs.