07 February 2008

CLTV: Best of the CrimLaw Web

Introducing Spot, the WonderDog. Next time I might intro ya'll to Fred, my Lab.

Only a couple errors this time. For some reason, the text I tried to put in didn't show so you get to stare at a frozen picture of me for about 30 seconds. And, yes, I realize the sound level for that section could have been better. Some graphics errors also which I'll try to fix next time.

Hopefully, the content will be enough to get ya'll.


Anonymous said...

Hey, my 13 year old son worked very hard on that favoricon, and I'm sticking with it!

The green's a little bright too, but I'm sticking with it!

He was very proud, and I'm sticking with it!

Unless he's willing to change it (please!). But until then, I'm sticking with it!

Ken Lammers said...

It's not bad. All I'm saying is that the green needs to be darker so you can read the white letters or the letters need to be a darker color.

And, if your son thinks I'm criticizing his work send him to look at my first self made version of CrimLaw:


I think his favicon is better than people thought my first effort was (although, I still like it).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to me again. Although I do want to point out that the $40 million jump (and I still haven't seen the report, so I don't know where the number comes from) is the difference between a system that was the laughingstock of the country and one that's actually providing good defense to the citizenry. I routinely hear about how well Georgia PD's are doing now.

And besides the capital cases, it's not like any PD gets a blank check. Once I had a case where I wanted an expert. Had I been a private attorney, I would have been able to find one and go for it. But as a PD we ended up not being able to pay for one and the client ended up pleading.

I'm not saying how you spend money doesn't matter, but it does bother me when people complain about paying more when they're also getting more out of it.