28 August 2003


The Pilot does everything but come out and say that a judge, the Clerk of Court (his wife), and several lawyers were rigging the system.

It "praises" the Chief Judge: "By taking away scheduling from Cynthia Morrison and by spreading the DUI caseload more evenly among all four judges, Sword has done just about all that he can to contain the damage to the court's reputation."

The Virginia Pilot created this problem by pointing out that only 94% of those for whom the judge has ordered rehab and reduced their sentence have not reoffended.

Now the Pilot has insinuated corruption of the system, pressured a chief judge into taking steps for which it damns him with faint praise, and at the end insinuates that the judge involved is engaging in abuse of discretion. It created a (non)problem and continues to happily report on it.



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