25 August 2003

Last Week's Death Cases:

(1) Texas actually halted an execution process.

(2) In Indiana you can convict someone of a murder someone else admitted to, was convicted of, and died serving time for.

(3) Murder by Association? The prosecution is trying to prove the NC Peterson murder case by providing evidence from a prior death.

(4) A man who participated in the killing of someone because he was Jewish may be out of jail in less than a year. That's bad. The prosecution is trying to censor his reading list. That's also bad.

(5) You cannot kill your political rival for the Sheriff's office.

(6) Murder is murder. If you believe that killing the unborn is murder that doesn't justify the killing of others. However, there appear to be those who disagree with me on this.

(7) Indiana's AG allows expanded DNA testing in order to resolve whether someone sentenced to be killed actually committed the crime.

(8) The Sniper Case:
(a) What do conspiracy of passport fraud, mugging, killing a witness in your divorce, and saying "America got what it deserved" have in common? They are all things which have nothing to do with the sniper case which the prosecutor wants to admit in order to convict Muhammad.

(b) And here's the Defense team's response.

(9) In the Scott Peterson Trial:
(a) Now that the judge has decided that the trial will be open to the public the Defense has decided that cameras should be allowed in the courtroom.

(b) And, in a development I'm sure thrilled the Peterson Defense team, O.J. has expressed his sympathy for Scott Peterson.


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