28 August 2003

Law Enforcement and the Law

(1) The man whose actions led to the death of a Henrico policeman couldn't be found guilty of homicide but he didn't walk away. He got 15 years on various and sundry charges.

(2) A sergeant in Greene County has made the ultimate sacrifice.

(3) Life as a traffic officer in England.

(4) About half of L.A.'s sheriff's deputies who were disciplined never did what they were supposed to.

(5) The guy who the FBI and Justice Department concentrated its effort on in the anthrax investigation - you know, the guy they never found anything on - is sueing because of the havoc wrought on his life.

(6) In Britain concerns that the macho culture of police enforcement might cause officers not to seek help they need for work related problems may lead to ongoing psychological evaluations. "The proposal would probably involve officers regularly completing health questionnaires. If necessary, officers could then get further help and talk face-to-face with occupational psychologists." My only question is, if they are to dang macho to seek help won't they apply the same machismo to the questionare? Being macho doesn't necessarily make you an idiot and the "right" answers will be given like clockwork.

(7) In Lynchburg the city council has agreed to try and perhaps improve, maybe, the pay of local police. It's a believe it when you see it situation.


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