24 August 2003

Acts Involving Children:

(1) "The Mississippi Supreme Court . . . held Thursday that a fetus is a "person" under state law and wrongful death claims can be filed on its behalf."

(2) I'm not sure 25 years is a harsh enough sentence for a lady who tried to cook her own child.

(3) Beating and murdering children. No punishment is severe enough.

(4) If a teacher in California photographs the testicles of his students he only faces up to a year in jail. There had to be some problems with the prosecutor's case to settle for so little punishment.

(5) In light of the last three cases it is almost comforting to read about a headmistress who would only cheat those in her charge out of money (L500,000 = $710,000+) and not actively try to kill them.


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