15 August 2003

Police and the Law:

(1) The officers who taped the anti-war marches in San Fran are going to get a slap on the wrist. Why, exactly, is it wrong to tape people walking down a public street with no expectation of privacy? I understand if it's in a building or maybe even a couple guys huddled in an alley but as people march down the street?

(2) The police in Hooper Bay, Alaska want to carry guns - the town council says NO. As a quick note - the case which is cited as a reason for carrying pistols can just as easily be seen in this light: Officer arrives, citizen attacks and chokes officer to unconciousness, citizen takes gun and becomes 100 times more dangerous. This is not a good case to cite if you are trying to give a good reason for carrying pistols.

(3) If you are detained because you opened your (paid for) product before you left Wal-Mart you can sue the company and the police.


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