16 August 2003

This Week and the Death Cases:

(1) Despite saying that there is evidence that innocent people have been killed by the government a judge refused to find the death penalty unconstitutional.

(2) Which may be the reason that Mexico refuses to cooperate with us anymore:

"Extradition [from Mexico] is now routinely denied in more than 40 categories of serious crime that are punishable by possible life terms under California law, including murder, rape, child molestation, kidnapping for ransom and train wrecking, among others."
. . .
"I have a list of 246 names of cases where we know the fugitive has fled to Mexico," Maurizi said. "Most of them are from Los Angeles, and probably 95 percent are murders."

(3) Puerto Rican prosecutors are considering whether to retry the men found not guilty in the federal death penalty case. The general thought is that one of the reasons - if not THE REASON - for the verdict is that the jury reacted to the Justice Department's treading upon Puerto Rico's sovereignty and it's populace's strongly held anti-death penalty feelings.

(4) Once you snitch on a gang you cannot go back.

(5) If you throw the body of a white woman off a bridge in Korea - in front of the police - you will get caught.

(6) Kaczynski wants his bombs back "for the sake of posterity." And just exactly why do I want my grandkids to have even a shadow of a memory of this man?

(7) In the NC Peterson case a gay prostitute (of whom there is no evidence the wife even knew existed) testifies as to the e-mails between him and Michael Peterson, the fact that he stood up Peterson, and the fact that Peterson spoke well of his wife and relationship in the e-mails.

(8) Exculpatory evidence withheld in a murder trial by prosecutors who are now judges. Not really a confidence builder for those of us who do Defense work.

(9) Killing someone over a parking space?

(10) Baby Milk Murders
(a) A mother accused of homicide for overdosing her child with methamphetamines thru her breast milk.
(b) A grandmother who killed her grandkid by spiking his milk with a massive amount of salt.

(11) We don't have enough money to pay for an adequate Defense - therefore, you are doing a great job representing your client in his multiple murder charges. In other words: you took the case now decide between whether if you are going to do an appropriate job in defending him by paying out of your own pocket and going broke or if you are going to let the trial be a sham so that you can keep paying your employees and your mortgage. No wonder the attorney has already tried to remove this judge.

(12) Scott Peterson's experts examined the bodies of his wife and son last Monday. Later in the week the judge decided that Scott Peterson's preliminary hearing will not be closed to the public.


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