22 August 2003


A photo of the new kitten at my apartment

Sorry it's not a better picture but the little squirt wouldn't stop squirming around so all the other pictures are blurry.

Momma and kitten are doing well. However, the dogs are confused. They keep hearing the kitten mewl and they want to investigate but momma has changed from a cat that always runs from them into a raging ball of fur and claws. I watched my 15 lb. cat drive off my 80 lb. lab and my 40 lb. mutt away before I could get across the room to fuss at them. The Lab stopped when the hiss came, stayed out of claw reach, and just looked scared. The smaller dog (not the brightest in the world) came forward and got absolutely swarmed. Momma tagged him at 3 times on the snout with full claw extension in less than 1/2 a second. He wasn't hurt but he backed off with a look of absolute shock. Needless to say, my house is now segregated into zones with closed doors between the cats and dogs.

Now back to your regularly scheduled criminal law . . .


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