20 October 2004

Around the Web

1. SoCalLawBlog has an interesting discussion ongoing about the 3 strikes law in California.

2. Anyone who has had much contact with criminal law realizes that the people who get in the most trouble are those who don't know how to deal with officers and the system; frequent flyers generally know how the system works - normal folks just don't. The Policeman's Blog explains how "infrequent flyers" should behave to save themselves.

3. Mister District Attorney is in mid-series, explaining how things works at a prosecutor's office.

4. Waddling Thunder wonders what my opinion is of the possibility of going back to old Roman law requiring those who are searching someone's home to do so in their underpants. I think that's a swell idea. It would certainly cut down on the number of raids officers make and safeguard our fourth amendment rights. The main question I have is how law enforcement will replace the big windbreakers with the initials on the back. Would they get big fluorescent tattoos on their backs of FBI, DEA, or POLICE?

5. Blonde Justice wonders if there's a reason why ethics seminars always use Defense attorney examples instead of prosecutors.

6. Fed 84 on how to get your blawg up and running.

7. Tom Lincoln defending officers scammed by the feds.

8. You really should make sure the person you hire as a PD is a lawyer.

9. A lawyer scammed trying to get with a 13 year old girl. First comment: ugggg. Second comment: What kind of idiot lawyer doesn't know the cops are out there running scams in the chat rooms?

10. SWVaLaw points to an article about a judge so far over the top that JIRC actually is doing something about him.

11. Some people get paid to register votes. Okay that's not too bad - unless the payment is in crack.

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