25 October 2004

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1. PD shenanigans.

2. Can friendship survive a friend becoming a prosecutor?

3. I know how these hearings come out when my client is being filmed by an officer with his window open but I gotta admit I was a little surprised that what's good for the goose . . .

4. The trial of the soldier who killed fellow soldiers has begun.

5. Orin Kerr, THE reason to read the Conspiracy, is the only person in the world who could find a record of Ashcroft defending civil liberties..

6. Interesting legal decisions in a sex abuse case.

7. Freespace on substantive due process. It's interesting but looooooonnnnnggggg.

8. The ACS Blog discusses the stare decisis position of its version of the devil incarnate, Clarence Thomas.

9. This is why dogs are men's best friends. Reno is a helluva K-9.

10. Ah, to have been the attorney who raised the objection against the prosecution copulating the evidence.

11. Thanks to Professor Bainbridge for reminding us all that it is St. Crispin's day. And lest we all forget, it's not just about Shakespearean play (with an amazing speech that can even reach those not British). On this day, in 1415 A.D., a starving English army of perhaps 6,000 destroyed a French army of at least 20,000 in one of history's most amazing victories.

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Brent said...

Ken, thanks for the link to Reno and his heroic actions! You have no idea how proud we are of him and that we have two officers who went home thanks to him!