30 October 2004

Around the Web

1) In Virginia Hammoud precludes the federal prosecutor from adding extra sentencing factors in the indictment.

2) Attorney, thou shall not steal from thy clients.

3) A Texan asks a judge to let him be killed.

4) An attorney calls out a judge. Gotta say, I suspect the questions from the prosecutor must have been a little less clear than the one proffered (although it is actually two questions and therefore not proper).

5) Judicial shenanigans in California.

6) Ramadan, Muslim kids, and police in the U.K.

7) Mexican workers arrested in Virginia; must be Tuesday, or maybe Wednesday, perhaps Thursday or maybe . . .

8) No matter how tempted you are, it might not be in your best interest to shush someone during a French cartoon movie. However, it is probably an even worse idea to beat up the shusher.

9) MC Estoppel needs a job in the NY, NY area. I can't help since the nearest thing I could offer would be an eat-what-you-kill position in Virginia but I thought maybe someone out there might know more about NY than I (my main knowledge of NY City being that if I am on a cattle drive my Salsa had best not be from that city - "New York City?!? Get a rope!").

10) Mr. DA further elaborates on how warrants are issued. I would make one comment on his jury "nullification" section: yes, juries have the right to nullify however it is verboten for them to be told they have this right. If I make a jury nullification argument in court the prosecutor will object and the judge will, very sternly, instruct the jury that they are only to decide the facts, not whether the charge is a just application of the law.

11) How a Texas jury makes its decisions.

12) Just remember, if the neo-prohibitionists get their way priests won't be allowed to drive from one church to another in order to celebrate mass. I wonder if the argument that it's not actually wine would hold up in court (its reality having changed with only the accidents of its form remaining the same).

13) It looks like PDD is coming to the private sector (they must have tempted him with promises of a yacht and his very own Stately Wayne Manor).

14) Going back to ice the bird probably wasn't too bright.

15) I'm a PD is now working DUI's and getting trouble from people who really aren't indigent. Blonde Justice feels her pain.

16) Waddling Thunder wonders whether jurors understand the jury instructions. In reply all I can say is go watch a jury being read the instructions. They will try hard to keep their attention focused for the 20+ minute monotone reading of the instructions by the judge (and that's in your basic criminal trial). But the instructions have the virtue of being impossible to focus on for that long. I always suspect that after the judge sends them back to the jury room with a copy of the instructions they spend the first 30 minutes rereading the instructions to try and figure them out.

17) And finally remember, this Tuesday you will be faced with two simple choices: Vote or Die.

LvJoshua C.

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