22 October 2004

It's Our Fault

New York would be able to keep people from having guns if it wasn't for us evil Southern States.


Anonymous said...

Hey, that's gotta be true. That's what they taught us in school. Actually, I seem to remember teachers saying "There would be no crime if it wasn't for all those rednecks." But then we'd be out of business, wouldn't we?

Chief said...

The passage of time, occasionally, allows a good idea to be overtaken by change. Two hundred years ago, the concept of states and each state crafting its' own set of laws was a great idea.

Today with a significantly shrunken world the concept of states is outmoded. I know it is in the constitution about powers not specifically given to congress are left to the states, but progress has taken us well past that point. Take drivers licenses for example. A national driver license and a uniform set of driving laws make much more sence (and are inherently more efficient) than the current set up.

The same can be said for insurance laws. Med malpractice insurance providers may decide to move out of a state if the state legislature puts a cap on the amount they can charge for premiums. What is the difference whether you practice in Maine or Montana?

I submit that state borders have outlived their usefullness. But, No, I do not desire a constitutional convention given the amount of polarization in the country.

Windypundit said...

"Andy Pelosi, executive director of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, said that the only answer is a national licensing and registration system like the one in New York state."

Yes, because the nationwide ban is working so well for drugs.

Another approach would be for New Yorkers to stop shooting each other.

Ken Lammers said...

No States? Not sure I like that idea. DMV is bad enough already; imagine it being run by a federal bureaucracy. Or a fed run traffic court.

Hmmm . . .