29 October 2004

Off Point: Warning Signs of the Apocalypse - Brought to You by the Letter "B"

First there was Blakely and a federal court actually ruling that unconstitutional guidelines are unconstitutional. This raised the first first feeling of uneasiness.

Then I went to my 20th year Bryan Station high school reunion. There I met my best friend from high school. When last we saw on another he was a dyed in the wool Baptist who didn't drink or dance, and he was living a most straight-laced, wife and two kids, white picket fence life. Now he's getting divorced, he bought the beer and brought the good bourbon, he got a little snookered, and danced the night away with other fellow's wives. It was a subtle sign which I'm sure a great many of you missed.

Next came the Bengals winning a Monday night football game. Now, I'm a Bengals fan but I'm pretty dawg-on sure that this is what is supposed to happen right before the trumpet sounds.

Finally came the on definitive sign which no one can deny. Boston won the World Series. It's over folks. The seal has broken a dragon is loose and these four are riding over the horizon:

The painting which this post parodies can be bought here

It's all over Ladies and gentlemen. I'm going to go home, hide under my bed, and wait for the end.

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Mark said...

Great Post! As a student of Biblical prophecy, I really enjoyed the humor.