03 October 2004

First Monday

Hi, sorry I'm late. I'm here for the position of guest blogger...

Doesn't this sort of feel like when Regis was auditioning people for Kathy Lee's role? No? Ok then, nevermind.

"First Monday" will soon be upon us, so, I thought that would be a good timely topic. On the first Monday of October, the Supreme Court begins its new term. In the first few weeks, the court will hear some good cases relevant to criminal law. First, there will be a review, and quite possibly an overhaul, of the federal sentencing guidelines (a follow-up to the Court's decision in Blakely). Second, the constitutionality of the death penalty as it is applied to defendants who were juveniles at the time of the commission of the crime will be reviewed. Also in the next few weeks, is the question of whether states can racially segregate prison inmates, and whether to limit the use of drug-sniffing dogs in routine traffic stops.

See, I tried to cover real law like Lammers would (as opposed to war stories and jokes mixed in with a tiny bit of criminal law, which is what I do over at Blonde Justice.) Considering I hate the "reading and writing" aspect of law, I'd say I did alright. And I stuck to law stuff, except for that part about Regis.

Also, I just noticed that CrimLaw is missing a link to one of my favorite new criminal law blogs, so I've got to point everyone toward Not Guilty. (You can also get to Not Guilty via my own blog, Blonde Justice.) Did I meantion I have a blog called Blonde Justice?

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