17 October 2004

DeathLaw - Juveniles

1. Quotes from the Supreme Court argument.

2. Will world opinion play a role?

3. Is the death penalty for juveniles being rejected around the country?

4. Are juvenile brains evolved enough to be held responsible?

5. Opinions in favor of juvenile death sentences can be found here, here, and a prosecutor's support can be found here.


Brent said...

One of my most memorable, and difficult cases, involved a 17 and 18 year old who murdered a drug dealer. The victim, who was homosexual, was a small time neighborhood dealer. The 18 year old was having sex with him for marijuana. They decided to rob him and ended up killing him when he recognized their voices. Duh! The 17 year old brought his friends to the house to look at the body over a 7 hour period. He finally brought his mom over, and she got a conscious and called the police. He deserved the death penalty. No remorse, nothing. His soul was a vacuum.

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