25 July 2005

Around the Web

1) An outline of current legislation to further restrict the availability of habeas relief.

2) Is punishing a person differently because of the number of friends and family he has justified?

3) If you go to prison for getting the drugs you need the prison will then provide the drugs you need. Who said we don't have socialized medical care?

4) Now, now Skelly. You know that your office is supposed to try every trial no matter how guilty the client is and how severe a tax he will pay for the trial. I mean, after 6 months or so of each attorney trying a jury or two a day you'll have made it through what would normally have taken a week or two and you can start filing all those speedy trial motions and 1983 motions for overcrowded jails. The prosecutors would probably have to stop prosecuting the smaller crimes just so they could make sure the rapists and murderers actually went to trial. Of course, this strategy gets a lot of people (at least in the beginning) much more prison time then they would have. If your Bar has any problems with you just refer them to the Good Father - he'll straighten them out.

5) Castration? UUUuuggghh. The word alone makes my spine shiver.

6) Killing helpless animals because you are too ignorant to know that they aren't all trained to fight.

7) You cannot remove a juror who does not want to convict just because he cussed at the other jurors.

8) What do you do when the Defendant tells you he is going to open the trial, argue the closing, and be his own expert witness?

9) Random checks are coming to the NY subways. "Random" will, of course, devolve into people who fit whatever a particular officer pictures a person in possession of drugs to look like (and those who look like bombers as well). There will be whatever number of checks of little old ladies and priests are needed to uphold the charade but the number of searches which turn up illicit items is going to be higher then what would happen in a random sampling.

10) SoCalLaw has started podcasting. Y'all will remember I toyed with both video and audio blogging a while back but stopped because it was just too time consuming. Maybe I'll go back to putting up a once a week video or audio post. If I do you can blame it all on SoCalLaw.

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