22 July 2005

Basketball Crime

Having grown up in Kentucky, I know that there is only one true genre of basketball. However, I realize that some of you have been drawn into watching the NBA; heck, there might even be Clippers fans out there. For those of you who have been drawn off the true path and into the NBA heresy, there is actually someone out there tracking and analyzing the illegal activities of NBA players. Admittedly, this is how I mostly hear about NBA players with the exception of sports radio hosts complaining about how boring Tim Duncan is (he's the best player in the world and they complain because he doesn't cause trouble - it goes a long way toward explaining why I'm not the hugest NBA fan).

All humor and ranting aside, Professor McCann has done what appears to be an interesting post on when in their careers NBA players have gotten in trouble with the law. It's too late and I don't have the brain power left to really focus on the post (I've spent the night working on a nasty appeal - my brain is fried). I'll have to revisit it tomorrow.

In the meantime, I suggest that all ya'll go take a look.

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