05 July 2005

Here's What Happens When No Law

I promised myself that I would not do anything legal over the 4th weekend and, by no small miracle, I went law free for the last 3 days. Of course, that left me with a lot of time. I read three books, none of which were in the slightest way legal or even self improving - unless you count science fiction books as "broadening one's horizon." I don't; they're just a weakness (Superman has kryptonite, Green Lantern has yellow, I have the inability to put down a military/sci-fi book once I've read the first paragraph). BTW, for those of you with a similar weakness I really recomend Elizabeth Moon's The Serrano Legacy. It's better than the Honor Herrington (though not quite as good at the battle sequences).

I did a couple other things like going to see War of the Worlds (terrible, just plain bad), and then I still had time to kill. Sadly, when people are bored it is their critters who suffer:

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