31 July 2005

Lex Radio 073105

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Today's PodCast:

Item 1: Congress Approves Effective Heroin Treatment

Item 2: Dumb and Dumber Marijuana 1, 2 & 3

Item 3: Alcohol Anklet

Item 4: High Crime 1, 2, 3

Item 5: Ineffective Counsel Without Counsel

Item 6: Happy Slapping

Item 7: Not not guilty anymore 1, 2

[addendum] Well, I used FeedBurner to make the podcast feed (changing Atom into RSS). When I tested it with iTunes it didn't work. In fact, iTunes actually opened a pdf file when I clicked on it. I then downloaded iPodder. It downloaded the right file but when I tried to play it iTunes would come up as iPodder's default player. I went into iPodder's settings and reset it to send files to Winpows Media Player and it worked (the player would give me a generic error statement but when I clicked play anyway it did). Anyway, If anybody has any suggestions about fixing this I'm open to suggestion.

[addendum 2] Well, my podcast works fine over at Odeo. Not sure how it got there. Either the good folks at Odeo are really good at searching out new podcasts or someone out there was kind enough to submit it. Now I have to include this bit of code

My Odeo Channel (odeo/c15c2bd7828d11a6)

so that I can claim my own podcast channel.

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