09 July 2005

Somebody actually did a study to prove that good looking attorneys make more money.

Well, duh. They spent money to prove that? The next ground breaking study will prove that you must be female to get pregnant.

Actually, the perfect look for an attorney probably involves being tall, solid but skinny, gray hair and a look of wisdom so that people just assume you know what you're doing. As a short, round guy from a family wherein hair just doesn't go gray, I'm pretty much doomed.

Well, at least I wear glasses; that has always made some people assume I'm smart. At least until they get a good look at me.


Anonymous said...

You are very funny and completely on the money.Even for you it could be worse.Cute counts and you must be.

Anonymous said...

Hm, I _knew_ I should have gone in to law. Tall and skinny I've got, but I'll go bald before I get gray. I don't think I have that look of wisdom, though. Maybe I can take a class to get rid of the look-of-pensive-technical-guy.