29 July 2005

Yelling Phone

Well, I've been stiffed by two of my clients who had appointments this afternoon. However, a third managed to get ahold of me from the jail. He couldn't call my cell phone directly so he called a friend and had that friend call me and then put the two phones together, speaker to mouthpiece - mouthpiece to speaker. All-in-all, an innovative way to get a call to your attorney.

The only problem was that while we were talking his friend was engaging in a running screaming match with somebody else. I couldn't hear half the stuff he said and I had to yell so he could hear me. Every once in a while there would be a lull in the screaming and Client would try to get his point across but the screaming always started back up before he could finish. Thankfully, a family member had called about a half hour earlier and told me what was going on so finally I just yelled out the answers over my cell phone and (during a final lull) he says that he gets it and goodbye.

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