12 July 2005



This is a test to see if I can post to the blawg from
my new Sidekick.

This is only a test. Were this a real post you would
be directed to actual meaningful content.


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Ken Lammers said...

Interesting. I have to post a Title or it automatically posts [none], it cuts off sentences at a certain point with a hard return, and I have to remember to put #end to keep the regular tag from my email from appearing. It'll work in a jam but not as good as I'd hoped.

Sadly, while the Sidekick does real internet (at about 56k modem speed) it doesn't support java so I can't get to my blogger posting page directly.

Ken Lammers said...

Further info on the Sidekick: I like it. The buttons are larger than on most pda's / Blackberrys I've seen.

The real internet is nice but spotty. At my apartment it works most of the time but sometimes it just fades. It's like using a 56k modem. You get hangups and it's faster if you turn off pictures but it works with most of the pages and blogs I want to read. I've only run into two problems. First, while blogger pages load fine trying to get into their comment sections can be a real pain; trying to post on the comments sections required me to try several times over a hour (I was doing something else at the time and just kept hitting comment whenever the Sidekick stopped trying to reach the comment post page. Comments on non-blogger blogs worked fine; whatever the problem is it is purely with blogger. Of course, because Sidekick doesn't do java I can only post to CrimLaw via email and we've all seen how that turned out.

Battery life is excellent. I played with the thing half of Saturday and all day Sunday and it didn't run down until Monday morning.

Oh, and it's cheaper than the others. My first choice was the Treo 650 but it is twice the price and I'm not sure I'd get any better service (I just liked the fact I'd be able to sync it with my PDA).