28 December 2008

And then there's this stuff

1) The lawyer of the unpronounceable governor, Ed Genson, has upset people by trying to get people subpoenaed for the impeachment hearings whom the feds don't want to testify yet.

2) With everybody running way over budget (Virginia is somewhere between 2.9-3.5 billion) even laudable programs are getting the axe: juvenile programs.

3) Apparently, it's not obscene in Louisiana to send a picture of a penis to a 17 year old member of the gospel choir you run.

4) I thought everybody watches CSI (at least everybody on my juries). However, this burglar apparently didn't know DNA could be found in the spit from his chaw.

5) Really? Burning the truck of the officer who wrote you a ticket? Did you think that would turn out well?

6) He took some peanut butter and smeared it across a fellow student's forehead. Here's why he got 4 days.

7) "The smugglers even kept the immigrants' shoes to prevent them from escaping."

8) Elaborate, fake-kidnapping ruse for a robbery of a Hardee's: epic fail.

9) Everybody's favorite Arizona sheriff, Joe Arpaio, now has a TV reality show.

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