01 December 2008

Snow, Snow Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink

This is a video of the snow falling on my front yard. Most of today was like this and I know because I had to take the day off work because the landlord was sending someone to fix my water. That's right, I've had no water since last Wednesday night. Thank goodness I bought a gym membership last month or I'd have had no place to get a shower. Still, I'm pretty much out of dishes and laundry.

And still, I have no water. I understand why it was hard for my landlord to get someone to do it over Thanksgiving weekend, as everyone was on holiday vacation. However, someone was supposed to come fix the well pump today at 9 a.m. At about 10 the landlord came by and realized that the person he'd spoken to wasn't there. He also told me that rather than fixing the pump to the well he was going to have them just hook the house to the town's water. Not sure how I feel about that. On the one hand, I'll not need to use Iron Out on my white laundry anymore. On the other hand, I'll have to actually pay for my water now.

Landlord promised that water would be hooked up "by this evening." They were going to run the pipe over the ground today and then come back tomorrow to dig the ditch and bury the pipe. Sometime after 1 p.m. Landlord came back and gave me the number to call in town to start paying for the water after hooked up and told me they had a different guy getting things put together. Then about 3:30 the guy who was supposed to be fixing the water up came to the door and told me that it wasn't going to happen today. They were called too late and he didn't think they should run the pipes with water in them above the ground because it was 2 degrees above freezing right now and the pipes would certainly freeze over night "and then we'll never get them unfroze and buried tomorrow."

So, here I sit, grungy and not very happy about having wasted a day off for no reason. I can't take tomorrow off because I have several cases. I hope they can get me hooked up without me being here to let them in the house because I ain't leaving the house unlocked.


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