30 December 2008

Wanna Be a Judge? Better Get that Name on the Ballot.

Mardi Anne Levey, who was running for judge, had the temerity to want her name on the ballot. In fact, she went to court twice to get her name on the ballot. AND YET, THE CHIEF OF ELECTIONS REFUSED TO PUT THE CANDIDATE'S NAME ON THE BALLOT BECAUSE IT WAS TOO EXPENSIVE. That's right, Brenda Snipes, the elections chief, refused to put an actual candidate's name on the ballot; instead she concocted a scheme whereby people could vote for the judge who was leaving office and it would count as a vote for Ms. Levey. Not surprisingly, this was an epic fail:
"My own college roommate didn't vote for me because she said she didn't see my name on her ballot"
As I am sure all of us are shocked to find out, Ms. Levey's hopes of being elected Circuit Judge were dashed.

Look, I don't know if Ms. Levey's chances of actually getting elected were high or low. However, there is one thing I do know: if your name isn't on the ballot - no matter what convoluted, cock-eyed, money-saving scheme causes it not to be there - it's dang hard to win an election. I hope she wins her civil suit.

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