26 December 2008

What the?!? Duquesne Law School Punished After Success by University President Charles J. Dougherty

What happens to the Dean if "Bar scores are up [passage rates improve in 3 years from 68% to 97%]. The moot court team won national titles. Alumni giving is up. The research and writing program was nationally ranked. Faculty scholarship is up."

Well, if you are retired Rear Admiral Donald Guter, it gets you fired by University President Charles Dougherty.

Yes, I know it's not a crime, but it is unconscionable. US News has Duquesne Law School ranked in the 4th tier. From all appearances, Admiral Guter was moving things in the right direction. He should have gotten recognition and raises, not the boot.

University President Dougherty is responsible for the loss of reputation to Duquesne Law School that comes from such an arbitrary firing (the article makes it seem to actually be a power play of some sort). Hopefully, for the students at Duquesne the improvements will remain despite the firing of Dean Guter. One can only hope.

via Concurring Opinions

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