31 December 2008

For Auld Lang Syne.

1) The Most Read Post of '08: My review of "The Bluegrass Conspiracy": Every time I check stats someone has come to this site to read this post. It's possibly my second most read post ever (behind the Virginia Malicious Wounding post).

2) I Get a Tag Line: I am a "just a harmless, big, goofy, ballcap-wearing doofus who even likes dogs." (Read the comments)

3) Most Overblown Meme of 2008: Phil Telfeyan

4) Most Repeated Meme of All Time: Jury Nullification (and here too)

5) Ken Lammers' History of Blogging: 5 years of CrimLaw and the History of it All.

6) Really?!?: A guy I went to law school with ran for judge in Vegas.

7) The Month of No Posting: Illness leads to chest pains leads to hospital stay (not a heart problem)leads to work backup leads to 2 whole posts for November.

8) I try my hand at internet cartooning: CLtoon (1, 2, 3) goes on "extended hiatus" because I just can't be that creative.

9) I Get Angry: The Meth Solicitation.

10) Most Disappointing Judicial Opinion: Lycurgus Spins in His Grave

11) Language of the Blawg Changes: CuSSing

12) My College ROCKS!: Centre is ranked 13th compared to all the other schools in the entire country.

13) Basketball at my College & High School ROCKS!: 1, 2, 3, 4 Both Centre and Bryan Station made life fun as I watched Centre BB rise to rank #2 in DIII and Station rotate through the top three positions in Kentucky BB (they're both doing well this year too, but I haven't inflicted my enthusiasm on ya'll yet).

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