30 June 2003

Apparently the attornies in California called the State Legislature's abrogation of its statute of limitations the "Early Inheritance Act."
One of his clients, a multimillionaire, was a target. There is no evidence, Clancy said, that the man ever abused his daughter when she was a little girl. But now that she's grown, the daughter wants to be kept in style and is not above a little blackmail, he said. She would make regular calls to her father demanding money or she would turn him in for child molestation, Clancy said.
Of course there were also issues of "repressed memory" silliness and, of course, the actual reason for statutes of limitations:
"How do you defend yourself against a 30- or 40-year-old crime where there are no times or dates -- just emotions? As a public policy matter, it's not fair."
As you'll recall, the federal supreme court rejected the abrogation as ex post facto.


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