17 June 2003

These obviously mistreated children are being stalked by DSS because their parents won't force them to take an academic test.
Both sides agree that the children are in no way abused mentally, physically, sexually or emotionally, but legal custody of the children was taken from Kim and George Bryant in December 2001. The children will remain under the legal custody of DSS until their 16th birthdays.

"We have legal custody of the children and we will do with them as we see fit," DSS worker Susan Etscovitz told the Bryants in their Gale Street home. "They are minors and they do what we tell them to do."
The Gestapo couldn't have put it any better.

DSS even tried what basically amounted to a raid to try and force the test upon the family.

Do they not have children who actually need help? They should be ashamed.


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