27 June 2003

Malvo's lawyers are seeking evidence which tends to show that Malvo was under Mohammed's control at the times up to and thru the acts.

On a side note - the prosecutor in Fairfax is either badly overplaying his hand or he is being made out to look the fool by the media. He is constantly being protrayed as answering everything with scorn and bravado rather than facts and law. This case is so strong that he should win walking away but if he's not careful he's going to show his rear just enough to build the countercurrent which keeps the kid from being killed in his case.1

1 Let's not delude ourselves; other jurisdictions are just waiting to step in and prosecute if this prosecutor steps on it. Eventually, the kid will be found guilty and 10-15 years from now - after all the appeals and habei are exhausted - killed.


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