19 June 2003

An article urging the federal supreme court to take up and overturn the decision in which the D.C. Federal Appellate Court said the government can secretly arrest foreigners.
Judicial oversight is supposed to act as a check on an executive branch that otherwise might gather too much power, especially in times of national emergency. The threat of abuse grows if government operates secretly, beyond even the constraining influence of public opinion.
Sadly, I find myself agreeing with this. I voted for Bush (and will again) but a number of Justice's policies under Ashcroft are just beyond the pale. We're supposed to be the folks who support liberty dammit; disappearing people just does not mesh with that. I might even buy an argument that non-citizens do not require the same level of evidentiary proof before they can be held (they are, after all, in our country at our discretion) but there's no way anyone should be held without some sort of showing that there is cause.


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