23 June 2003

She hit a homeless man, carried him home on her car, parked in the garage and left him there to die on top of the car. Then she and some friends hid the body.
"[F]our months later, when a tipster said Mallard talked about the incident at a party.

The woman said they were discussing who would be the designated driver, because some in the group had been drinking, and that Mallard said she couldn't use her car, police said. The woman recalled that Mallard giggled when she said "I hit this white man," according to the police report.

The woman said Mallard told her she "was messed up" on ecstasy pills and drunk. Mallard and her boyfriend later went into the garage to see if the man was dead, but he was alive and even asked for help, the woman told police. "
This is in Texas - why are they even bothering with a trial? Guilty with aggravating factors.


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