19 June 2003

Can a practicing Catholic become a federal judge?

You'll remember my prior concerns, in this post, that Senator Leahy was trying mightily to keep the fact that those beliefs which the Democrats are proscribing are core Catholic beliefs out of the committee. It wouldn't be good PR if the fact that active members of the largest denomination in the U.S. are going to be filibustered by Democrats because of their religious beliefs saw the light of day. This recieved further dicussion in Lex Communis on 12 June 2003 and 15 June 2003. There was also some discussion of this on Southern Appeal (do a page search for "Feingold").

Then I ran across this a couple days ago while reading about Judge Kuhl's hearing:
"I have no sympathy with Bob Jones' racially discriminatory policies or teaching with respect to other religions," she said. When she told Leahy that the fact that she was, like him, a Catholic, demonstrated that she could not approve of the school's disdain of other religions, Leahy snapped that it was inappropriate to talk of her religion or his.
Judge Kuhl is well respected and comes well reccomended. There is nothing which shows she will not follow constitutional interpretation handed down by the federal supreme court. Still, she's going to be filibustered.


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