23 June 2003

Some people don't believe that they have to pay taxes:
In interviews with the news media, Mr. Simkanin and other business owners bragged about not paying taxes for as long as 22 years. They cited the lack of action against them as proof that the tax laws are a hoax.
However, Mr. Simkanin wasn't satisfied with that alone; he made sure the tax officials knew what would happen to them if they enforced the tax code:
At one of Mr. Simkanin's Web sites, www.arrowplastics.net, he has posted a warning that "public officials can and often do make the fatal mistake of attempting to harm the servants of God (Exodus 14:9) and inasmuch as the servants of God are required by Ezekiel 3:18-19 to warn the wicked, I, a Christian, do hereby issue this proclamation." He has warned that any government officials who move against him will be consumed by fire.
Still, for some reason the IRS decided to go after him.


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