10 August 2003

Death Cases:

(1) The lawyers who will represent the man accused of killing Officer Wendel will be represented by John Boatwright, Thomas L. Johnson Jr., and Matt Geary. Hard to get better representantion than that.

(2) In Norfolk they are charging a 55 year old woman with murder because her 78 year old father (with whom she did not live) died of starvation/dehydration. Basically, from what I can tell from the article the accusation is that she should have been monitoring him despite the fact that they were both adults.

(3) Gotta wonder what the legal theory is behind keeping a Defendant from selling his property in order to hire a lawyer (I understand the emotional reason for doing it). In Virginia if you had the amount of property which this guy appears to have you probably couldn't get a court appointed attorney.

(4) Tire maker not responsible for murder which happened after a flat tire.

(5) Kids (17 to 20) in England get less than 2 years for killing a man.

(6) The Defendant paid $1.2 million and the lawyers want more. The Defendant decided he wanted a new attorney.


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