10 August 2003

Lee Pickton, charged with kidnapping, told a jury that if he and his mates had been beating somebody up "they would be dead". He went on to admit he had nine previous convictions for burglary, theft, drink driving, assault and harassment. On each occasion he had pleaded guilty, and he said that therefore he would have "owned up" had he been responsible for the attack on Nicholas Wilsonham.
Apparently, they scalped the guy and tried to get a pitbull to attack his leg but no one tried to actually kill him.

Every defense lawyer hears the words "I've always admitted to the crimes I did and if I did this one I'd admit to it." Sometimes the client is even speaking the truth. But it's not something that you expect to put in front of a jury. The argument "I was guilty the last eight times but this time I'm innocent just doesn't sit well with your average citizen."


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