01 February 2005

Around the Web

1) Ever creative AUSA's have started putting into plea agreements a provision which will allow both the prosecutor and defense out of the agreement if the judge sentences outside the range agreed to. And do what? The defendant's already sentenced and an appeal of the use of discretion would have to show it unreasonable.

2) Forcing Mexican-Americans to learn English - iffy. Forcing a woman who is probably Catholic to consider birth control - definitely across the line.

3) When the 4th Circuit tells the State that it has to turn over files dealing with a police investigation for a civil suit you know its not an opinion based on softness of heart. Still, Virginia is going to take one last stab at keeping the papers which could reveal why an innocent man was almost executed from being turned over to him.

4) Ever wondered about what might happen after Hiibel? Well, you can get arrested for not telling the officer anything about your insurance.

5) The judge keeps out some fairly weak evidence in a terror trial.

6) Whatdoyaknow? Traffic cameras lead to more accidents.

7) Norway fines a guy 15,000+ for his school project. Remind me not to pursue further education in Norway.

8) A tale of many lawyers, told in memoriam. LvA&C

9) A nice calm month at the office torpedoed by stealth briefs.

10) How the police view all of us in our tragic moments.

11) As I live and work in a State where the law of evidence is common law, I think I'll try this objection: "Objection your Honor, this has got to be the most boring drivel I've ever heard." And then I'll cite this post as my legal foundation.

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