08 February 2005

Around the Web

1) It appears that Gus has been the recipient of a dog non-search.

2) Prosecutors should get paid more than PD's because, ummm, because, uhhh . . . because they do more work?

3) Apparently everyone in the House of Commons was arrested yesterday because of a new organized crime bill. However, there seems to be some concern that the House of Lords won't allow itself to be cleared out so easily.

4) The state of insanity.

5) Wow. A two day trial is short? In Virginia a two day trial is an eternity.

6) Hmmm . . . Feticide charges in Virginia. As I remeber being told in law school there was a distinction in the common law between a fetus before quickening and after (punishment could occur after). I wonder whether the same distinction pertains to modern law.

7) SoCalLaw points to this article which, if true, is a monumental error on the part of the Jackson prosecution:
[O]ne [porn] magazine reportedly had the fingerprints of both Jackson and his accuser on the same page.
. . .
We know when this accuser testified before the grand jury he handled these magazines. At one point, one of the grand jurors asked, 'Have these magazines been fingerprinted?' And the sheriff said, 'No.'
8) Alan Dershowitz trashes one of my favorite movies because the defendant was innocent.

9) Is it more offensive to steal from the Simpsons or Gilbert & Sullivan?

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