07 February 2005

In the Net

1) How hard can it be to find a truck full of stuffed Goofys?

2) Identity theft in the UK.

3) "Mom, I need a ride to the robbery . . ."

4) The "DDOS Mafia"?

5) Police surrender to the "Sandal Mafia"?

6) A prostitution web site run from China? Well, okay, a prostitution web site which used to be run from China.

7) "Rap mogul Marion "Suge" Knight was booked on suspicion of violating his parole after police found marijuana in his truck during a traffic stop, authorities said yesterday." And, boy-o-boy, won't that be a fun hearing?

8) If you break into a grave they will arrest you, even if your motives are benign.

1 comment:

moi said...

What's more amusing is the story below that of Suge Knight:

In Ohio, a state Supreme Court justice pulled over on suspicion of drunken driving urged a police officer not to arrest her and cited her rulings in drunken-driving cases, according to police videotapes.

She then lowers her voice and says, "I did have something to drink." Resnick also repeatedly asks to be let go, saying, "My God, you know I decide all these cases in your favor. And my golly, look what you're doing to me."

Hehehe. I'd love to watch that tape.