05 February 2005

Around the Web

1) "Ma'am, what is it about the nature of the charges and the great number of witnesses in this case that influences you to acquit in this case?" Gotta remember that one.

2) Looks like Skelly has found a new place to work.

3) Y'know, he didn't like being called Whizzer.

4) Blonde Justice absolutely pegs the difference between stalkers and guys who are having a hard time with the breakup.

5) While we're moving toward no standard for searches it appears they are actually toughening the standard in the UK.

6) "It wasn't uncommon to find a picture of the criminals, sitting on the couch, with drugs, weapons and money on the coffee table in front of them. Once there were three generations of people sitting in front of the coffee table, making their gang signs and showing off their illegal drugs and weapons."

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