04 February 2005

Around the Web

1) "Saying "I strongly object" marks you as an amateur. Saying "that would be reversible error" marks you as a threatening amateur." Yeah, but no matter how much of a professional you are, it is always going to be tempting to say it.

2) What happens when a judge threatens a lawyer for representing the will of his client?

3) Your honor, when the law says the death penalty requires two defense lawyers at trial you will be overturned if you don't provide the second one.

4) I must say that I was surprised when President Bush said this in the SOTU.

5) Hasan Akbar is having trouble remaining awake during his trial for killing fellow soldiers.

6) "Citizens of Al Mudiryiah were subjected to an attack by several militants today who were trying to punish the residents of this small town for voting in the election last Sunday.

The citizens responded and managed to stop the attack, kill 5 of the attackers, wounded 8 and burned their cars.

3 citizens were injured during the fire exchange
Not criminal law but impressive as all get out.

7) Has "modern psychiatry reinvented confesstion and penance?"

8) How does a DUI death become a murder?

9) Y'know, hiring someone who's been convicted of a crime and has a good working relationship with the guys in the jail might actually make sense at a PD office. ;-)

10) AOL spammer convicted.

11) It's good to know that dislike of lawyers doesn't only exist here in the States:
Our profession is continually under scrutiny and what disturbs me is that the mistrust of lawyers does not seem to be lessening. Some people still scoff at us.

They seem to expect to be cheated by a lawyer at any given time. Some will even be seen to count their fingers immediately after shaking hands with a lawyer
12) A lawyer truly dedicated to getting his clients out of jail. He goes a little further than I might be willing to.

13) "Cynthia George paid for her lover's defense, not as ``hush money'' but with the hope that his acquittal would exonerate her in the alleged murder conspiracy."

14) How are Mob bosses always perfectly coiffed?

15) I don't care if you are a policeman, don't mess with this guy's wife.

16) Wow. I wonder if a judge will let me do this the next time my client is late for court: Trial over the phone.

17) Yup, I own most everything on this blog. But then, who would want it anyway?

18) No fun in South Africa. You can't be a pimp and a lawyer.

19) Cops really aren't supposed to rob banks. At least, that's the way it works in America. However, in other countries . . ..

20) Felony sale of Duff beer.

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