28 February 2005

Around the Web

1) 14 year olds facing a 1st degree murder charge.

2) If you give permission for someone else to come into your home police automatically are able to come into your home.

3) If the Bill of Rights was introduced into Congress today, it would not make it out of committee.

4) The feds handicap a mayor's race.

5) Why would you set up a fake firm and lure PD's out into the real world with it?

6) If you steal a police car don't come to court wearing the officer's shirt.

7) The new laws passed by the Virginia General Assembly (via Commonwealth Conservative). Perhaps most interesting is that the anti-minor/driver use of a cell phone bill died. It was withdrawn because a Senator wanted to allow hands free phones. Meanwhile, Commonwealth Commonsense is upset that cameras at red lights are going away.

8) ADS discusses in depth the Supreme Court decision which forbids prisons to segregate incoming inmates by their races.

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